Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries and the Wounded Self

The influence of Chiron in Aries is most obvious when it relates to the individual purpose and feelings of self. People born with Chiron in Aries learned to internalize their feelings of being “too much” and to eschew instincts towards social acceptance and likability. They are known for their radical individualism and ability to rally others to fly the freak flag. It is the ego which rules the psyche.

Chiron is a symbol of the urge to become whole

A sign that indicates a primal wound is Chiron’s move into Aries. It pushes people towards becoming whole. The urge to heal and become whole is a core Aries value. This will eventually lead to self-confidence and self-assertion. However, when Chiron enters an aries sign, it encourages people to take better care and take better care of themselves.

It is the desire to heal emotional wounds.

The desire to heal old emotional wounds is a significator of Chiron in Aries. Mars, a highly competitive cardinal fire-plane planet, rules Aries. This makes this aspect even more intense. Aries is impatient and may feel the need to quickly move on from difficult feelings. However, this speediness is contrary to the intent and purpose of Chiron.

It represents self-assertion

In addition to its role in initiating new endeavors, Aries rising indicates the tendency to do things on your own. The Sun sign and house position can help you determine the best time and place to initiate new projects. Aries is an independent and adventurous person who is open to new challenges or adventures. However, Aries people are known for their self-assured nature.

It is ego.

In relationships, Chiron in Aries highlights the wounded self. These people are more likely to make poor decisions and feel insecure in relationships. Their desire to find love is often driven by their desire for freedom. This aspect of the horoscope often causes them to hide their vulnerabilities and take on impossible tasks. Although Chiron in Aries can be difficult to work with, you can make the most of it.

It represents old emotional wounds

If your natal chart includes the sign Aries Chiron is a powerful healer for old emotional wounds. His impermanence allows him the ability to feel and channel his pain without letting his wounds destroy him. Sublimation, on the other hand, allows him to channel his energy into humanitarian action which allows him to release his emotional pain. There are different stages of healing, from rage and the desire to harm others, to a desire to understand universal patterns.

It is a representation of past life experiences

If Chiron is in aries, he represents the past lives you have shared with your lover. If Chiron is in aries you might have had a past life filled with pain, sexual issues, or even death. If Chiron is in aries, you may have experienced a past life where you had to control others. These past life experiences can be deeply rooted.

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