Chiron in Sagittarius

How to Work With Chiron in Sagittarius

People with Chiron in Sagittarius are always on the move and have difficulty with existential questions. They are not very religious, but they have high ambitions. They are often creative and can think about life. This article will discuss the characteristics of these people as well as how to work with them. Learn how to use this transiting tarot deck.

People with Chiron in Sagittarius struggle with existential questions

A natal placement of Chiron within a Sagittarius chart can indicate a fundamental inability or inability to function in either the material or physical world. This can be problematic for someone with Chiron in Taurus as Taurus is very feminine, and closely connected to the archetypal Earth mother. This planetary combination can also make a person unable to enjoy life to its fullest. This is a sign you may need to take some time to heal.

They lack faith in higher powers

The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the centaur Chiron, a wise centaur who taught the ancient Greeks and Romans philosophy, medicine, and music. People with Chiron in Sagittarius are more likely to doubt higher forces and find themselves in a difficult situations. They often try to have it all, choosing the one that feels best to them. Sagittarians tend to enjoy movement and retain physical youth into their advanced years. They are generally healthy with no major health problems.

They are constantly on the move

The people born under the influence of Chiron in Sagittarius are always on the move and are prone to make a lot of sudden decisions. This is a sign that their intelligence and communication are very important. These people are known to act in unpredictable ways and disregard social norms and the rules of their game. They have likely been subject to severe restrictions on their behavior or have a fear of humiliation.

They have high aspirations

The natives of Sagittarius with Chiron in Cancer and Sagittarius have high aspirations. According to the astrologer, this aspect suggests that they have a gift for helping others. They are caring and compassionate and often express kindness easily. They prefer enjoyment to performance but may feel guilty about not being able to achieve their goals. Chiron in Cancer can also be troublesome in new settings.

They are a wounded healer

The signs Mercury, Venus, & Sagittarius all contain the healing powers of Chiron in Sagittarius. Mercury and Venus are planets that have an influence on communication, thinking, technology, transportation, and communication. Venus and Chiron both rule relationships, beauty, money, and the arts. Chiron, however, rules healing and wounds. These two planets are in harmony with each other.

What’s Your Chiron Sign?

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