Libra Midheaven

Career Advice: Understanding Libra Midheaven

A Libra Midheaven is highly influenced by his or their career. As the symbol for Libra, scales, the sign strives for harmony. The Midheaven represents the point in your astrological birth charts that falls into a sign. When this point is in the sign of Libra, it represents your most core ideas. The Libra knows that this is a powerful process to clear away limiting ideas and get on track.

When it comes to relationships, Libras tend to value harmony and balance over everything else. Their social skills can be of great help when trying to resolve disagreements and mediate a conflict. This aspect of their horoscope can help them become popular in social circles and make a good partner for others. They are more likely to be socially competent than competitive and may choose a career that allows them to interact positively with others.

Because of their diplomatic nature, Libras want to be remembered as kind and diplomatic. They want to make everyone happy, but they can also be prone to arrogance. They are often in a public speaking role. While these people may have an IC in Aries, they should be aware of the dangers associated with acting too forcefully or they could end up living a life of bitterness.

Venus is the ruler of the Midheaven. Venus is responsible for the principle attraction. This means that your work and public persona must blend well with people and produce harmony. The Libra native is highly empathetic and often mirrors the behavior of those around them. This receptivity is what makes her unique. She feels guilty when she hurt her family members. Libras can characterize every person in her life.

The Leo midheaven is often very ambitious. Leos born with this midheaven can expect to be recognized and praised by others. Leos born with a Leo midheaven may be ambitious but lose sight of their long-term goals when they have small opportunities. Leos who are confident in their abilities may feel the urge to speak out in public. However, it is important to think twice before speaking up and to use that microphone to your advantage.

Libras have the Midheaven, and the Imum coeli as opposite points on their natal charts. The Midheaven is connected to a person’s professional talents and work attitude. The Midheaven is associated with the public persona, whereas the lower Midheaven represents private aspirations. Those qualities are a result of conditioning from childhood. Libras believe that the greatest achievement is balancing the inner self with the public persona.

You may consider a career in the healing arts if your midheaven falls in Virgo. In addition to being extremely intuitive, Virgos often use their psychic and creative abilities to help others. While Pisces has many characteristics in common with Libra, its midheaven tends to mix personal and professional lives to avoid boredom. If you are in a career that requires a lot of work, however, it might be a good idea to consider the role of the midheaven in your life.

What’s Your Midheaven Sign?

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